Import Archive broken under 2.4.1?

Is anyone else experiencing a problem uploading a library archive in Twine 2.4.1 windows desktop app? I’m away from home with some time on my hands, so I exported my library as an archive, thinking I could work on a current project on my laptop, but when I try to import the library to the windows desktop app on my laptop, it presents me with a list of stories to select, but once I’ve checked the stories I want to upload to the library, but no option to click OK to action it. Hitting enter, just unselects the stories I selected previously.

Given that it is free software, I’m trying not to feel too irritated that I now have a week in which I may not be able to work on my WIP (only partially succeeding).

Update - just discovered that it does exactly the same thing in the browser version (grinds teeth)

Is this a known issue? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Hopefully you should have a button labeled “Import Selected Stories” below that? If not, that’s a bug–please open one on the tracker with a screenshot.

Definitely no Import Selected Files option.

I have filed a bug report in the tracker with this screenshot.

OK so the workaround is to zoom out under the view menu, so that the import files option is visible. Obviously still a bug to be fixed in a future update, but at least it can be made to work for now.

Thanks for the suggestion @klembot