Import a game to inform as proyect

I am really a noob and I am trying, as a Siemens S7 programmer, to import a game in order to start messing with inforn7.
I have just prepaired an old laptop to install Inform: ok, it seems to work. My first impression is that this is all a hugh enviroment, few friendly.
And now my question.
I have on one hand several text files which I can open with Fabularium to see every game’s code.
In other hand there are some webs where you can see projects with an index and a lot of hyperlink to every chapter (Emily Short games, Jacqueline examples, etc.
And finally you can get code from github for some games as for example Counterfeit Monkey.

And now the question. Can someone explain briefly the way to import a project, if possible, to mess up with inform a bit?

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My Command-line Inform post also goes into detail about Inform projects’ file structure. The most crucial parts are that the story file goes in project-name.inform/Source/ and included extensions must be available as either project-name.materials/Extensions/Author Name/Extension Name.i7x or External Dir/Extensions/Author Name/Extension Name.i7x. My post explains what the External Dir is; where it is exactly depends on what OS are you using. What OS are you using?

The websites you see that offer source are what you get by using Release along with a website as described in Writing in Inform chapter 25: Releasing. You may not be able to actually build these projects, as these websites don’t include Extensions the project may have used, and they may not all be public and findable.

Also note that anything older than May 2014 was written for Inform 7 6G60 or earlier and is unlikely to compile without modification in current Inform 7, 6M62. And, of course, there are still some people using 6G60 now; something being recent is no guarantee of 6M62 compatibility.


agree with Zed: I kept around a pair of directories, browse.inform and, I fess up, plots_of_kin.inform (guess for what author’s sources is the latter ?)

My apologies to Zarf, and

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