Immediately Undo Rule?

Hey All–
So I’d like to ask the player if they want to undo their last command. Apparently there is something called the “immediately undo rule”, which the documentation is really thin on. Is there a way to invoke this? Like:

say "Would you like to undo your last action? >";
     if player consents:
          immediately undo;

Or is there another way that doesn’t require a big elaborate scheme?

This looks like an I6 thing? At least that’s all I could dig up. Let me know if you can’t read the snippet.

Note: this doesn’t work on the first turn of play because there’s no state to revert to (hence the wait in the “test me” command). Should be able to oppress the previous turn undone message, but I haven’t experimented with that.

Note, I don’t actually know much about I6, so someone jump in with a better answer if appropriate!

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Thanks, Drew! Yeah, I never would have gotten that. Look at how that string of punctuation marks means something.

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“Follow the immediately undo rule” does the same thing.


TIL—twice! Surprised this hasn’t come up more often here or around. Disabling undo is discussed a lot (and is in the documentation). Perhaps due to the Spellbreaker puzzle (the two are mentioned together in the old newsgroup)

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