Imaginary Realities volume 7, issue 3 released


I’ve not announced these here before, as we’ve not really had an article related to interactive fiction until now. I see that George posted about an article in the past, so hopefully it should be okay for me to announce our new issue.

We’re a journal focusing on text-based gaming. This primarily means mudding, interactive fiction and roguelikes in textual form. The issues, the website and articles are all non-commercially creative commons licensed, and all work from editing, publishing to writing articles is unpaid done by people who enjoy reading similar articles on the subject. The initial incarnation of Imaginary Realities was started in 2001 by David Bennett of Discworld MUD, and we revived it a couple of years ago and have been publishing issues as we get the time since then.

There are very interesting combinations of muds, interactive fiction and roguelikes. Take ifmud and kerkerkruip for a start. Hopefully, we’ll see more articles from the interactive fiction community in future.

In this issue we’ve one article related to roguelikes, another related to interactive fiction in the USSR, but the rest are mudding related.

  • A text MUD with a working ecology system
  • Dispelling the gloom
  • How integral are letters and text to ASCII gaming?
  • Legend and the lore
  • The bonds of mudding
  • The mercurial temperament at the end of the world
  • Where do I begin?

Read it at: Imaginary Realities - A Journal for Text-based Gaming

Unfortunately as I know there are some who used them, I am not currently providing e-book downloads. We can generate them, but the formatting needs some tweaking. They’ll reappear for all issues once this gets done, but it may not be until the next issue at the earliest.


Thank you for posting about this! Really enjoyable and nicely in-depth.