Images Placed in Play

When I use this method the insert images into my story it divides the image screen above the text where the story is happening. I am also using Glulx as my Story File Format. I notice this is happening when I have changing images in a fixed window in my story. Extensions are used for this. The extensions are Location Images by Emily Short and Simple Graphical Window by Emily Short. Thank you. :smiley:
Here is the method:

Den is a room. “This is an open den”.
Figure den-illustration is the file “den.jpg”.

Before looking in the Field:
display figure field-illustration.

Kitchen is a room. “This is a kitchen”. It is south of the Den.
Figure kitchen-illustration is the file “kitchen.jpg”.

Before going to the Kitchen:
display figure kitchen-illustration.

I think that we’re going to need more info in order to help you with this.

What behavior do you want? From what you wrote, it sounds like either (1) you want the image to be included in the text window rather than in a separate graphics window, or (2) you do want to display the image in a separate graphics window, but that graphics window is being split in two when you draw the new image rather than the new image replacing the old image. But I’m not sure.

You mention using some extensions by Emily Short, but the code that you posted doesn’t use them. I grabbed a couple of images from Google image search and tweaked your code to change Field to Den. This is what I see when I run it:
glulx images screenshot.png
I think that it would help if you’d clarify exactly what the problem is and post a complete test program that exhibits that problem.

I think my problem was the extensions. Going through, without the extensions my problem is solved.