Images in Inform7

I know there’s probably a thread for this already but im pressed for time as im making an interactive fiction game for my game design degree and need to crack on (and i might be freaking out about it). This is inform 7 btw.

When my game opens up in any interpreter i want the ‘cover art’ to appear at the very beginning (much like Emily Short’s Floatpoint and many other games etc). I’ve tried multiple different pieces of code (including the documentation ut inbuild into the platform and a few extensions including emily shorts location images) but there has always been problems with them so i was wondering if anyone’s implimented this successfully and how?

Any comments are appreciated thanks :slight_smile:

Please tell us more, otherwise there’s no way to help.

Oh it’s ok! I’ve fixed it now with some help but thankyou for trying to help :slight_smile:

I referred to this:

EDIT: Doh, too slow. Oh well, leaving this here for someone else with the same question.

I think the confusion stems from the fact that you often have to ensure that the appropriate setting is enabled in the interpreter also. By default, some interpreters show the graphic and some do not.