İmages dont show in other computers

Hey guys,

I made a game with twine. I used img, gif and videos from my computer. Like this one




" height=“700” />

(Im using sugarcube btw)

But when I share this game The images not showing another computer. I know the problem its about when the computer change the image not in the C:\Users\yusuf… but I dont know how to fix this. I searched from the google but cant find anything. Anybody help ?

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This is because of the URL you are using.
C:\Users\yusuf\Desktop\img\LAST\1.webp only works if the image save is in the same path on any computer that opens the file (so a Windows computer with an account named yusuf, with a folder named img on the Desktop).

To solve this you need to either host the image online and use that online URL or use a relative URL (position relative to the HTML file).

Relative image positioning:

Game folder\

<img src="img/LAST/1.webp">