Image preview on story board

Is there possibility to have visible an image preview on passages?

I saw that on Twine 1 you can import the images and link them, still not very convinient.

Twine Version: [2.3.8]
Story Format: No idea

No, there is currently no method for doing that, nor plans to add such a thing. This is partially because embedding images (except very small icons and such) is strongly discouraged.

Embedded images make the HTML file take longer to fully download, thus slowing down how long it takes to start playing. Worse, it means that the HTML takes up more memory, and if the data is big enough, can even cause browsers to crash or fail in other ways.

That said, you can add tags to passages, and you can then select a color for those tags. Once you’ve selected a color for a tag, then, in the node view window (where you see the passage boxes and arrows connecting them), any passages with that tag will show a matching color indicator. Passages can have multiple different colored tags, and they will show all of the colors for those tags. This makes finding particular types of passages much easier.

Hope that helps! :grinning:

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I learned my lesson with that - AXMA embeds the UI background and incidental sounds that are not background music directly in the HTML. I tried creating a “sound” the length of a music track once. It did not go well!

The issue with embedding even small files is that it also prevents them from being cached, so if you have a lot of small images or audio files, you should probably still be extremely judicious with what you embed, if you embed anything at all.

thank you all for the information!