I'm working on a play-by-chat website

How does it work?

It’s very simple: One player (the host) posts the intro to the game and waits for other people to post commands for the character in the story to do. He then writes the outcome of the commands.


You can select a game to join from a list of games in progress or host a new one. Games that have ended will also be available for reading.

The interface is very similar to irc or any other chat program with the important difference that the chat is persistent and you can read the whole story from the beginning even if you come at a later time.

I will post screenshots at a later date after I work on the website some more.
I would really appreciate it if a author/writer would be willing to test out the system and host a game when the website is ready.

Also see this wiki page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Play-by-post_role-playing_game#Play-by-chat.


Shouldn’t you use IRC and not website, would be better? (You can have IRC make logs; even on server-side if necessary, which is what I have done.) If necessary, you can make interface in webpage too; I might try it if there is telnet/MUD interface available alternatively.

What you are doing is something I was thinking of actually, but I was using actual IRC (with server-side logs; you can still read everything, by downloading the logs; incremental downloads may also be possible), and actually it is still available for anyone to use (although it doesn’t have a registration process).

I don’t have much experience with irc so i don’t think I will use it.

I can help with use of IRC, since I know about its working.

Ok, thanks, I might integrate it later on.