I'm making a game and need someone to help with ideas/art

I’m working on a chose our own path game about fishing.

You start fishing in a lake nice and simple after fishing for a bit the fish start to look off slowly you catch stranger and stranger looking fish. You start seeing shadows of huge fish in the depths. Sometimes they even rock your boat. There are also other people occasionally. Most are friendly, but you do run into some real crazies’ out there. But the weirdest thing about these people is that some seem to be from different times. Maybe you’ll decide to team up with some people or try to avoid human contact. Maybe you’ll try some of the odd monstrous fish, or try to live off of more normal ones. Maybe you’ll try to collect every type of fish, or hunt down the greatest of them all. Or maybe even try to figure out the mysteries of the lake and it’s oddities.

I would like someone who would help with ideas and/ or art.