I'm developing a story-driven RPGMaker game

Hey there,

Iā€™m currently developing a storybased-RPGMaker game and created a newsletter for development news.

The story will be about two brothers and their father and their life after something severe happened.

If you want to join, please write a comment :slight_smile:

Warm regards


Sounds good. I like the newsletter idea. How far have you got with the game design?


Thank you!

There is not so much game design to be honest. In the moment it is just a linear story and you can explore the environments with the character. But the focus is on the dialogues, because they further the story.

But the prototype is already finished, which I want to give to testplayers to refine it. The feedback is really important to me.

If you want to join the newsletter please contact me under benni@glaro.de, so I can send you the link

Iā€™m looking forward to you :slight_smile:

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Will this be available on macOS?

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Yes, Iā€™m planning to release it for Windows and macOS

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