ILU 2 Jam

Not running this one, but spotted it and wanted to give a headsup.

“The International Love Ultimatum is your opportunity to spend a month building a romantically-themed video game. Dating sims and visual novel adventure games are usually the most common entry type but others like RPGs and text-only Twine games are completely valid! I like to keep the genre selection open, just make sure a theme of your game is LOVE.”

I’ve heard of at least one person who plans to enter with Twine. As for parser - well, romance and parser aren’t a very natural fit, but that means it’s a challenge!

Also, here’s the FAQ. ( Of note:

" Do entries have to be visual novels or can I make something else?

I am fine with an entry as long as it has a relationship system in it! The theme of this jam is to explore different ways to convey love in video games. If you think you are capable of pulling that off with a more complex game in just a single month then by all means try it out! Text-only games are fine!"

…but it has been (quite sucessfully) done before, so it’s as natural a fit as any other! Still a challenge, of course, just like the other engines. [emote]:)[/emote]