Illustrator Sought for IFComp 2021 Entry

EDIT: Illustrator found. Thanks for your interest.

I’ve got a game which will be ready for the IFComp next year. I’ve been thinking some illustrations would really make it pop. The setting is a zoo, and the illustrations would be character portraits of various animals. As such, I’m looking for a collaborator who is able to draw or illustrate. There are a lot of animals (36 portraits in total, I’m thinking), but we do have almost a year before the end-of-September deadline.

This would be a co-authorship kind of arrangement, you’d have co-credits, get half of whatever prizes etc. I’m open to a wide range of possible styles. The concept of the game is ‘Revolution at a Zoo’. I’ve been making it in Twine.

You can see a full list of my previous games on IFDB. If this sounds interesting, feel free to ask questions here or PM me for more details if you prefer.

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