IFWiki has a new event calendar!

Continuing the discussion from IFWiki Events database:

IFWiki now has an interactive calendar of events on the Main Page, which contains the events you have added to the database using Form:Event. Scroll through months using the arrows, and click on any calendar item to go to its wiki page.

We’ve also improved how we list future events from the database:

Event News

Competitions and jams

Meetings and conferences

(See all future dates for each event | Add an event)


Bearing a stupefied glazed expression, lowers forehead to desk … “Wasn’t IFComp just a couple of months ago?” … “I’m still finishing my Spring Thing thing?” …


Competition organizers: hello fellow authors! We heard that IFComp is getting crowded, so we added ectocomp!

Authors, writing down: okay, enter IFComp AND ectocomp

COs: whoa! You might not be able to finish those. Why not enter Spring thing?

Authors, sweating and taking notes: okay, enter IFComp AND ectocomp AND spring thing

COs, panicking: Wait, we can do Parsercomp so you have a completely different venue!

Authors, scribbling furiously: okay, enter IFComp AND ectocomp AND spring thing AND parsercomp


(Btw I love entering all the competitions and love your games and like seeing everyone else’s too!)


[seethes with envy, plots devious ways to link to the Wiki calendar here]
I just don’t know off top of my head what all the events are besides the big comps and things that pop up here regularly. I’d love for people to populate our forum event calendar as well - which can be done by clicking the gear icon and using the event code builder in the first informational post of a topic.