IFWiki bad link on RAGS page

On the RAGS page of IFWiki, the link does not lead to the intended site as the domain has been taken over. My anti-virus site blocks the site, so I’m not sure what is actually there, but it’s unlikely to be the intended content.

Can someone with editing rights please fix this?


Lots of old websites are not there anymore…

Is this Github the correct repo For RAGS?

EDIT: I also found:


AFAIK, Regalia and the RAGS Game Sytem Player cannot be used for creating games. The RAGS Suite link would likely be most useful as it looks like that is used for authoring (and the download link still works).

I’ve never used the system though. I was hoping to find out about it.

Anybody on the planet can obtain editing rights by creating an account :slight_smile:

See How to edit IFWiki - IFWiki.

The problem is that as I know virtually nothing about that system, I wouldn’t know what to change the link to.

I was hoping that someone else would know if there was a suitable active site.

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Wiki editing can be a bit baffling at first, but it’s basically HTML with some extra tags and codes for special formatting.

If you’re using IFWiki frequently, it’s probably worth it to make an account and at least dive in and look at the page code to see if you can fix it easily. Often you can just edit existing text and code if it needs an update.

Worst case scenario: your edit logs that the page was recently updated and the public who do edit can take a look and likely make any further corrections if it’s needed. I’ve goofed a few things up before and had someone more knowledgeable subsequently adjust it if the formatting is off. It’s always easier for someone to just tweak your formatting rather than update the content you’re wanting to see. If a change completely goofs up a page, it can be reverted to a previous version so most editing you do isn’t going to be completely destructive.

If there’s a dead site link, it’s worth it to format it like this so someone knows there’s a problem without just deleting it completely.

it's worth it to format it <strike>like this</strike>

“strike” is the tag on this forum to cross something out and have it still be visible. I think some sites use <STR></STR> or something else instead, but check the wiki site formatting.

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There’s a page about this here: IFWiki:Replacing dead links - IFWiki


I managed to find a Wayback Machine snapshot of the site before the domain was taken over, so I edited the link to point to that.