IFWiki: Author Commentary links

For IFWiki, I’m thinking about a template for author commentary about works, a.k.a. postmortems.

Right now the list of Making-Of articles on the Craft page is long and unwieldy. If we were to use a template for author commentary links, all wiki pages containing author commentary could be automatically added to an “Author Commentary” category, and that way, someone wanting to see which “making of” articles were available would be able to find all of them at a glance. (And the pages would be in abc order.)

A template could be simple, like this:

{{ac|www.link.com|Text that should go on the link, if any}}

And the resulting link could look like


depending on whether extra text has been specified or not. The former might be enough for an individual work page, because the author and game should be obvious. But we might want to include more information about the link on a competition page, like the title of the making-of article, the author, the title of the work, or whatever. I’m not sure if there’s a standard format that would be a good idea to use when several of these appear on the same page.

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions about this? Or a good name for the template (if “ac” is too unintuitive)? Though I do like that it’s short and quick to type.

After experimenting, it looks like the url will have to be a named parameter, like this:

{{ac|url=www.link.com|Text that should go on the link, if any}}

Otherwise it’ll get confused by urls that contain the = symbol (for example, the urls of posts on this forum).

I should have remembered this from the last template!