IFWiki Articles - Editing Question

Hi folks,

I was chuffed to bits (that’s British for really pleased!) earlier when I found out that some kind soul had added me to IFWiki! Quite an honour I thought, so thank you whoever that was!


Would it be possible please to ask for some information to be added to this? I wanted to add information about the ZIL Facebook Group, useful ZIL links and also ZIL.io … Also if it’s not too egotistical(!) I wouldn’t mind adding some general info about games I enjoy, things I want to do with ZIL and also the plans for a UK documentary/book about UK text adventure history.



Wiki pages are publicly editable. You just need to register and log in and figure out the wiki formatting. I stumble my way through it from time to time and occasionally editors who know what they’re doing clean up behind me…

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Ok cool, thanks, I’ll do some editing then!