IFTF's 2022 transparency report is published

Hello friends,

IFTF’s 2022 transparency report is online, summarizing the organization’s activity over the previous calendar year, including its financial income and expenditures.

From the summary:

The organization spent around $15,000 in 2022 on various services that power its programs, also distributing more than $7,500 in IFComp prize money. The community once again donated generously to cover these costs, and IFTF ended the year with around $13,000 in the bank, about $1,000 less than it held the year before.

A few highlights of IFTF’s 2022 activity:

  • IFTF adopted IFWiki, launching a new standing program for the ongoing growth and upkeep of this long-lived IF community resource.
  • The NarraScope conference returned, after taking the previous year off. It was a resounding success, returning the event to an annual schedule.
  • As detailed later in this document, IFTF paid for expert and consulting services to help with various projects run by four separate programs. This suggests a positive trend of IFTF taking a more proactive stance in community stewardship.