IFTF's 2021 Transparency report is online

Hi folks,

IFTF’s 2021 Transparency report is online, summarizing the organization’s activity over the previous calendar year, including its financial income and outflow.

From the summary:

IFTF took 2021 to reorganize amid the COVID-19 pandemic’s second year.

While the decision not to hold a NarraScope event in 2021 led to an overall muted public tone, a new program to manage the IFDB joined IFTF’s other programs that continued to maintain and improve IF technology services year-round.

IFTF significantly modified the organization’s core structure, inviting several new directors onto the board, and establishing a new steering council.

Find the whole report on IFTF’s website.


And we spent thirty cents on refunding an accidental donation.

That’s an impressive amount of transparency!


Mostly it was Jmac asking me “wait, what the hell is this $0.30 line on the spreadsheet”. Then I guess he wanted to share the excitement.

I could have filed it as “Donation, $675; refund, $-675.30 including paypal fees”. But that would have been misleading when looking at either our total donations or our total expenses.