IFTF welcomes five new directors

(This news is a couple of weeks old now, but we have this forum category, so we should use it!)

On May 1, 2021, IFTF’s board of directors more than doubled its size with the election of five new members. This fulfills the task the board gave itself at the start of the year to grow and redefine its role within the organization. As the executive body that provides strategic oversight to IFTF and its various programs, the board today aims to keep a broader, more diverse, and more regularly rotating membership than it held over the organization’s first five years.

Have a look at our updated board page, and meet the new directors! They include Hugo Labrande, Jan DeLozier, Jedidjah Julia Noomen, Kofi Oduro, and Lydia Pauly. The five represent a broad swath of personal and professional backgrounds, representing many different approaches to the study and creation of interactive narrative.

Among a wealth of new experience and expertise, the new directors add a refreshing international perspective to IFTF’s board as well. Since its founding, all of IFTF’s directors have been American, and almost all lived near the organization’s home city of Boston. With membership now stretching between Western Canada and Europe, the board now stands more able to serve an interactive fiction community that has long spanned the whole globe.

(Originally posted: IFTF Blog)