IFTF logo

I was just visiting the IFComp website. On the bottom left is the logo of the Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation. For the first time I really looked at it.

Is that one of many possible maps for Hunt the Wumpus?

No. Wumpus doesn’t have dead ends.

It’s not really anything. I think we gave a designer the idea of “draw some stuff that looks like an adventure map” and this was what they came up with.

(Jmac said “Oh, it kind of has a house in it! Like Zork!” but I don’t buy it.)



Never played Wumpus, so I have only a vague idea what a possible map would look like.

Wait. you had a “designer” do it. Gosh, it’s easy money in th IFTF :slight_smile:

I think like a projection of a d12, basically.

I seem to call there’s actually a version of a map of Wumpus in Gruesome.

Don’t make fun, that’s your money…

(Well, for the IFTF logo it was our money. The organization hadn’t launched yet, so the initial donations came from the founders! Including me.)

But in general, yes, this is something IFTF spends money on. You must have noticed that the IFComp site also has a nice graphic. Every year Jacq finds a designer to do a new one. You’ll see the 2022 graphic tomorrow when the games are released.


Firstly, i was obviously joking, but please do not claim that it is “your money”. This is frankly derogatory.

Monies donated to the IFTF are not “your money” but the IFTF’s money. Period.

It may well be for the interests of everyone and to the benefit of IF in general. But let’s be clear on the point of who this money legally belongs to.

IFTF exists on your donations. That will always be true. It’s not confusing to say that, much less derogatory to anybody.