IFTF 2019 transparency report now online

The Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation has posted our fourth annual transparency report, covering calendar year 2019, to our website.

This report summarizes all the significant program activity that IFTF performed last year, and also provides a high-level overview of the organization’s income and expenditures. This seven-page PDF is a great way to catch up with what our nonprofit accomplished last year, and what we’re looking to do in 2020.

Please peruse at convenience, and thanks as always to the IF community for their ongoing, generous supports to IFTF’s efforts.


Mind you, everyone’s plans for 2020 are in the shredder right now, ours included. :/ When reading, please allow for the fact that most of this was written a couple of months ago.


A shredder in the sense of a sudden rearrangement of information, rather than a purely destructive sense, I’ll allow…

We’re still running Narrascope 2020, for example! Just not quite like we thought we’d run it, as recently as two weeks ago, when we posted this report.


I’m so totally stealing that.

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Also a Shredder in the sense of “You are here because the outside world rejects you.”

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