ifSpace Updates

Hi all! I’ve been working on a big new feature for ifspace.net. Now there is a “likes” feature that, when used, saves the liked game to your dashboard for quicker access. These likes are saved and stored for more appropriate search filtering too, so by default the games that are liked the most will appear at the top of the game-search results.

Additionally, in all description fields, 4 html tags are accepted to better format the output in gameplay. These are:
<u></u>, <i></i>, <b></b>, and <br>
for underlining, italicizing, bolding, and line breaks, respectively.

I struggled to decide if I should add this feature since ifSpace boasts a no-code philosophy - but seeing as using these tags are never actually necessary, I figured it is better for the feature to at least exist than to not. And in the future I plan on developing my own mini wysiwyg text editor for these description boxes so that the tags can be replaced by buttons… but certain html5 and js tools that are required to do this are deprecated, and I prefer that the software stays consistent between browsers. But once new standardized tools are implemented, I will make this update.

Let me know what you all think!

Edit: For anyone who just looked at the site (before 1:25 AM Germany time - on the 18th) - I was fixing something, so you probably saw some broken stuff while I was restarting the server.