ifSpace Update: Monitors (health, ammo, hunger, thirst, etc.)

Hi all, it’s been a minute since I’ve posted. Most recently I have published a new update to ifspace.net that I’m calling the “Monitors” feature.

The monitor feature allows the author of a game to keep track of a custom value (like health or anything else) during game-play. The values can be changed via custom actions in the game or via moving to other locations in the game. I actually managed to finish this feature about a week ago but decided not to publicly announce it until I had a tutorial video for it prepared… so I’ll post that video here too.

Let me know what you all think.


Awesome addition! :slight_smile:

Is there a way to set a monitor to a specific value?

It’s pretty robust as it is, but what if you tumbled down a chasm and you just want the character to start at 1 health regardless of where the health was at previously?

Can you chain actions together to do that with the existing functionality, like multiply by 0 and then add 1?

Thanks! But no you cannot chain them together like that, although I do like the idea of being able to set things to whatever you want so I can add two more input fields for that. One being a list of actions and their set-values for when the action passes, and the the other input being a list of actions and their set-values for when the action fails. I will try to add this today.

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That sounds great! Thanks for the response.