ifSpace Kickoff Competition (Proposal only)

Hi everyone, with the launch of ifSpace.net, it has come time for users to populate the site. What better way to incentivize you all than with a friendly competition? If enough people react or comment to this post, then I will post again in the coming days to announce the official start of the competition.

So the idea is this: Upon starting the competition, anyone and everyone is eligible to compete so long as they use their own account on the site. You will have only 2 weeks to finish your game, and then you must comment on the announcement post with a link (and maybe a short description or something) to the game you created. Whoever receives the most likes on their commented link in the following 48 hours will be deemed the winner of the competition. The winner will receive 50 dollars/euros from me personally. Payment can be received in dollars via Venmo and Euros via PayPal without any transaction fees, but if you choose to receive dollars via PayPal then the conversion fees will be subtracted from the prize.

I intend on posting the start of the competition (if this post gets enough attention) after I upload a more up to date tutorial video for creating the simple Cloak of Darkness game. This should happen in the next day or so. But in the meantime, nobody is stopping you from getting that 1 to 2-ish day headstart :wink:

Let me know what you all think!


The site could use an “About” page, explaining that it is an MMO and what a player can create.

Thanks for the feedback! But what more should be described in a separate about page than what is written at the top of the landing page?

For example the content that can be created. Maybe anything that a single-person IF has? Rooms, items, puzzles?

And what kind of interaction or cooperation can happen between different maps?

Maybe it’s just the fact that your game idea is new, that causes me to wonder what it’s all about.

Hmm, I can see where you are coming from, but a whole separate page to explain this would be too much - mainly because there is not much more to be said except for expanding on the text that is there. But I agree I should be a bit more specific on the landing page!

For reference, the IF games you can create and play are your standard parser based text games (you can also create them with buttons instead of text inputs though, so that’s one example of something I can explain). The worlds on the map page are nothing more than a creative way to show the user base on the site in the form of an expanding universe (instead of a boring list). Clicking on a world just shows that user’s information and their games that they created or uploaded. So I can explain these things a bit further on the landing page, but I think making a whole new page would feel a bit empty. Unless I added screenshots of examples or something :thinking:

Explaining it on the landing page instead of another page makes sense.

I guess I’m assuming this is a kind of mix between IF and MMORPG, which is obviously wrong. I understand it better now, I think. It’s a sort of gallery or neighbourhood for IFs.

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I don’t know if this is true, but I’d imagine PayPal is advanced enough where I could pay someone in USD and if they’d receive the equivalent amount converted to their currency?

[researches furiously]

Yes, I think it will:

Sending funds abroad and in foreign currencies is one of the main draws of PayPal. It is just so easy to do! PayPal instantly converts your money into the intended currency with no fuss. You can also have a multi-currency account.

Apparently there is a conversion fee:

The catch is the exchange rate. PayPal is known to have a slightly higher exchange rate than what Google will calculate for you.

PayPal’s currency conversion fee to US or Canadian dollars is 3.5%, but is 4% for other currencies. PayPal also charges a 4.5% fee for conversion service, so it’s important to factor this cost in as well to any currency conversion you do.

Probably not a bad thing to just specify “The prize is *** [native currency], if you choose to receive it via PayPal in a different currency the conversion fees will be subtracted from the prize…”


Precisely :slightly_smiling_face: I invite you to make an account to check it out further, it’s free forever.

Good idea! I’ll edit the original post with that bit, thanks for looking into this.

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I have a registration problem. I have a password with more than 8 chars and less than 30. And it contains only letters and numbers. But the site complains.

It could be because you need at least one special character and one uppercase letter (this may have been overkill for a site like this but I figured it’s better to lean towards the safe side of data protection)

Oh sorry I did read it wrong! That’s the reason.

Edit: I like that security enforcement

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No worries, thanks for signing up :grinning:

I’m a bit overwhelmed by the GUI. Is there a tutorial (text or video)?

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Yes, this is the current issue. I plan on posting a better tutorial video in a day or two, walking the viewer through building a very simple game. Currently there is a tutorial video on the landing page that might help you get started but it is outdated because more features have been added since then. It’s a decent start though!

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I tried the tutorial video and it explains things well. It’s long (which is good because it means that it explains a lot). So it will take me a while to get first steps done.

I would suggest:

  • Rename Spaceship to Admin or Control or similar
  • call it 3D instead of 2D. Because you can go up or down (or am I wrong on that?)
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I like the renaming idea, it seems more clear and still has the space-vibe to it. But which part do you mean to rename to 3d?

Yes, you can make nodes on different z-indexes if you choose to (for going up and down), but there is a way to get around using z-indexes and still go up and down, I believe it is covered in the video at some point.

Also, ill keep this video existing on my youtune account, but once I make the new video it will replace the one currently on the landing page.

I see now that the 2D was about the whole universe, not about the maps!

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I think there should be more documentation covering what sort of things can be done and how to do them, linked from the main page. A tutorial would be nice. I can see a video, it’s a start but not as comprehensive.