ifSpace Crash Course Tutorial

The new and improved tutorial video is finished. It aims to take someone from knowing nothing about using the software to creating the basic “Cloak of Darkness” game in just about an hour.

It can be found at the following YouTube link or on the landing page of ifspace.net


Thanks for the video, this is a much better description and tutorial. The COD example was most interesting.

One thing though; you create the “hook” as a container, and then (somehow) you can type “hang cloak on hook”. Was “hang” built in, because i didn’t see that verb being added in the video (although I could have missed it)?

Presumably there is a way to add verbs and control which verb forms apply to objects and what they actually do. For example, as is, “put cloak in hook” might have also been accepted which is not ideal. How could that be achieved?


Yes there is a way to check the default commands for certain things and also to change or add to them. I believe this is described in the beginning of the video when I cover the layout (but I don’t blame you if you skipped ahead, it’s a long video!)

Anyway, the settings on the little box towards the bottom left are your “global settings”. You can click the “deposits” button in this case to change or see the deposit commands for “depositing” items into a container. Similarly, you can change the withdrawal commands to specify how you can allow a player to take the cloak off the hook.

I hope this helps!

Edit: I see what you mean now… currently any of the global settings apply to all relevant things in each node. However, if you want to prevent something like “Put cloak in hook” then you can create a custom action for this by making the action all of the things you don’t want to work for the hook, and then make the action response something like “that doesn’t make sense”. Custom actions should take precedence over built in actions in this way.