iFrotz transcripts?

I’d like to get transcripts from iFrotz for a game I’m playtesting on my iPad. Google finds this from 2010:


Has there been any change to this since, or would I still need to use FTP to harvest the files? I appreciate it could be harder than I’d think to implement, but an ‘email transcript’ option would be very helpful.

If you slide sideways in the story view, you get to the “notes” view. There’s a tiny document icon in the header which brings up a list of saved transcripts for that game.

However, when I test this (iPad, latest iOS 6) I can’t see the saved transcripts. The pane appears but is empty. So it’s not as helpful as it should be.

Thanks for the tip! It’s working fine for me. My iOS isn’t up to date, because I’m lazy. In fact I don’t think I’ve updated in a few months.

Oh, so THAT’S what that icon’s for!

Well, at least you found the icon! :smiley:

Could you elaborate on how you farmed transcripts from ifrotz? I’ve been using my wife as my primary tester for video games for a long time. The theory being, if my wife can figure it out, the general population can. I’ve tried applying the same principle to IF, but I’d really like to get her transcripts so I can see where she got stuck and what she tried without having to look over her shoulder while she’s playing.

No problem! To start a transcript, type ‘transcript’, and to finish, type ‘transcript off’. To access it, swipe right from the game screen and click the teensy little list icon at the top of the screen. This should bring up a list of your transcripts. Click on one and you are presented with the text (unless you’re experiencing the same issue as zarf, see above). If you then click on the text you can ‘select all’, paste it into an email and send it to yourself, or whoever you’re testing for, to access on a device that allows you to do things with files! Hope this helps.