IFography Magazine #2

It’s here!!

Issue #2 of IFography (a magazine for IF enthusiasts) has arrived. If you subscribed, you should already have it in your inbox.

Otherwise, until Matt gets the website updated, you can DL your copy from my dropbox here:


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Brought to you by the fine folks of the Interactive Fiction Faction!

In this issue:
-20 Questions with Ryan Veeder
-Crowdfunding in the IF world
-Creating maps with Trizbort
-and more!

I’m really impressed. Keep up the good work!

Nice to see a positive review of Castle of Doom in there :smiley:

Overall really liking these magazines. Nice to see there’s still something like this going, as there’s loads of IF still being made.

Good work, gang! Issue 1 was really not to my taste, but I bit my tongue and avoided raining on someone else’s parade. Magically, I must have somehow manifested my intention because without giving you any input into what I’d prefer, it’s started along on its way there. Go figure! Exclusive content helps a great deal.

Thanks for the great feedback, guys! Really glad to see you guys enjoying the magazine, haha! We hope to make Issue 3 even better! And the website is on it’s way to being updated…

@ Marshall: Possibly a stupid question, but would you have any issues with me tinkering with the TXT version after downloading it to make it look nice in the HTML viewer on my phone?

I answered this then deleted my answer cuz i misread your question, lol. Yeah, once you DL the text, you can do whatever you want with it really.

Nice one, cheers. Glad to know you have no issues with ‘infringement’ for personal use.

Don’t worry. We ain’t those hardcore copyright management people like Bethesda, hahaha. Feel free to do what you want to the file!

Surely, that is always legal?

Oh yeah, I especially enjoyed this second installment. Keep up the good work!

Don’t you mean Mojang? After all, if Bethesda Softworks (or Zenimax Media) hadn’t filed suit for declatory judgement, the Minecraft devs would have owned a wordmark on the word ‘Scrolls’, stopping any developer except Bethesda (because of existing use) and Mojang releasing games with the word in its title. Also, I once asked permission to publish a fanfic based on Fallout: New Vegas via Obsidian Entertainment, and got a response which basically said, “Write what you want, just don’t charge for it,” which is closer to the UK’s definition of non-commercial than the US’s. That’s not authorisation, but it is permission. In fact, the only time Bethsoft sued an individual was when he was using their trademarks in a way that would have created confusion, and the law does state “Defend your trademarks or lose them.”

Not necessarily, especially in the UK. Although, to be fair, the law changed last year, and I can now create parodies without permission or infringing copyright. However, changing stuff for reasons outside of the current exceptions remains a grey area even if only the person who makes the alterations ever sees the results.