IFIDs for web hypertext

where are We intended, within Our personal Source, to add Our IFID?

There is a page that can generate an IFID for you:

For a choice narrative, you might want to put it in a comment in the source code, and if you wish, you can display it in any “credits” or “about” screen as you like.

The only places I’ve seen a specific field for it is when creating an entry on IFDB and IFWiki.

I actually haven’t bothered doing this for my AXMA games, but it’s a good idea.

Twine automatically makes an IFID you can find by looking at the story settings. I’m not sure about other hypertext systems.

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we are knowledgeable in many Babels and have produced a tower of many of them to make our game. we have the IFID already. it is redacted. we need only know where to insert it.

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The IFWiki suggests <!-- UUID://XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX// -->

Twine uses <tw-storydata ifid="XXXXXXXX">

the comment will work. this method works against a lot of complex web build systems which endeavor to remove all comments at build time. it would be much simpler if one was able to insert this as metadata into the competition form.

I suggest using a <meta> tag in the <head> of the HTML document:

<meta name="ifid" content="XXXXXXX">

thank you Mr. Fabulich.

here is your ὀβολός: