IFIDs for web hypertext

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There is a page that can generate an IFID for you:

For a choice narrative, you might want to put it in a comment in the source code, and if you wish, you can display it in any “credits” or “about” screen as you like.

The only places I’ve seen a specific field for it is when creating an entry on IFDB and IFWiki.

I actually haven’t bothered doing this for my AXMA games, but it’s a good idea.

Twine automatically makes an IFID you can find by looking at the story settings. I’m not sure about other hypertext systems.

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The IFWiki suggests <!-- UUID://XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX// -->

Twine uses <tw-storydata ifid="XXXXXXXX">

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I suggest using a <meta> tag in the <head> of the HTML document:

<meta name="ifid" content="XXXXXXX">

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