IFID and version number for completed IntroComp game

I’m entering a completed version of an earlier IntroComp game in the imminent Spring Thing competition. Coded in Inform 7.

I’ve just realised I should change the IFID of the work, so the game is treated separately for ID purposes etc. Is that correct?


I’ve done this just now by creating a new project for the soon to be released full version, pasting in the copied game code text, and recompiling. Doing that has generated a new IFID on release, different from the earlier IntroComp entry’s IFID.

My other question is about version number. Obviously this is a completed version of an earlier game. But it will be the first release of this new full game. Can I use version number 1?

Thanks all!

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I think your approach to the IFID is the right one. You’ve also reminded me that I’m unsure about exactly when Inform makes a new IFID for a project, but you’ve made it do this for you, so good work.

I also agree you should start at version 1 for the first public release of the full game.


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Thank you @severedhand :grinning:

The “canonical” (that is, Infocom one) release numbering scheme seems both using a continuous numbering, mixing dev and release versions (early) and later restarting from 1 in the release version (later), the main discriminant being the “serial”, whose is actually the compilation date (I toyed with simh’s PDP emulation, and indeed in the various DEC OSs the concept of dating, version control etc. is rather eccentric (not archaic, simply they follow a different logic and rationale)

Personally, I use release 0 for all my z-machine WIP, relying on serials in dating revisions (because i’m pathologically slow and on-and-off in dev, the date is actually enough… no need for hours and minutes in my case :wink: )