IFers leaving Twitter, where are you headed? Let's discuss!

Hey community members!
Twitter has been chaotic since Elon Musk purchased it, and I’ve seen a lot of people talking about either leaving or setting up additional social media accounts elsewhere. I figured I’d start a topic for IF people who are doing that, so we can discuss moving efforts.
I’ll start: while I haven’t done anything definitive yet, I have heard that game developers are moving to cohost! Update 11-18-22: I made a cohost! cohost! - @NaomiNorbez


I arrived pretty late on Twitter (this year actually) but I don’t think I’ll try to be more active than I am already there, I’ve always been hanging more in the Tumblr (@manonamora-if)/Discord space of IF (Twine, Interact-Ïf, Fiction Intéractive…) until now. I’m also interested to see where the community is moving towards!


A bunch of people seem to be going to mastodon. There’s a thread about it here: Mastodon.


In addition to the aforelinked Mastodon, I’ve seen a fair number of folks I follow on Twitter moving to cohost, so I’ve made an account as well. There’s nothing there yet, but considering how long it took for me to start posting on tumblr, I’m sure I’ll get around to using cohost eventually.

All that said, what I’d really like to do is bring back my personal website, but I’m not sure how I want to answer the question of hosting, yet. I’ve used FTP before, but I find it intimidating. Something like Neocities is probably the answer.

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I do have a Cohost, since I signed up for it when it was the hottest new thing on the Twitter feed, but I haven’t really touched it, even though I’m pretty sure I’ve since been granted the ability to make my own posts? Might get around to following some familiar faces on it though, if people are abuzzing on there.

I’m mostly active IF discussion wise on these forums, and socially on Discord- you can normally find me popping in and out of discussion on the one Manon is a moderator on (where a lot of the Tumblr IF people hang out, and its associated general writing server.)

I think I have an old Mastodon account somewhere, back when people were considering moving due to the Discord and NFTs thing, but I remember it being an absolute trainwreck trying to get started up, promptly found the learning curve too steep, and I ditched it. I don’t really intend to pick it up again- it kinda feels like I need to be more technoliterate to even try picking through the site- every explanation I’ve gotten or overheard in other servers like the big Devtalk one for visual novel developers just sounds like arcane spellbook excerpts.

I also have a Tumblr for IF stuff, but I don’t really touch it much either. It’s kind of slowgoing on that side of things, but I do keep up with Autumn Chen’s blog for IF stuff, wonder bemusedly what Kit’s been posting, scroll through Manon’s resources, and of course, reblog Kat’s stuff.

I’ll still probably hold onto my Twitter for awhile, since I mostly use it to retweet cat memes/cute cat pictures and occasionally interact with my friends (who I mostly interact with on Discord, anyway, so I’m fine there.)


I don’t expect to leave Twitter in the near future (if nothing else, to stop someone pretending to be me on there), but am also on Tumblr (@alianoralacanta - fair warning, it’s mostly not IF but the same could be said for my Twitter) and a few Discord channels (notably the Ren’Py official servers and interact-if).


Tumblr is my primary social network, but it’s… kind of personal? I want to post without feeling like I’m broadcasting to the whole world, so I don’t share the URL in other places (although it’s pretty easy to find, and feel free to follow me if you do find me and don’t mind seeing weird posts).

One of my IF-focused tumblr blogs is Twine Gardening, which is a collection of twine node maps in the vein of Porpentine’s original Twine Garden (now unfortunately defunct). I post there once a day via the queue.


I’ve also been checking out Tumblr; I like to have just a random mishmash of stuff on my feed, and my favorite twitter threads have often been compilations of tumblr posts, so we’ll see how it goes.


I’ve been doing both Cohost and Mastodon and enjoying them to the point that even if it somehow turns out I overreacted about Twitter and it turns out to be fine (I doubt it) I think I’m just happy with using those two sites instead.