IFDB will be briefly down for maintenance on Tuesday, Feb 23

On Tuesday, Feb 23, at 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific, Mike Roberts will take down the IFDB service at ifdb.tads.org.

He will then shoot us a copy of the live database, and Dan Fabulich will get it up and running at ifdb.org. And then the old site will redirect to the new site (all the old URLs will redirect to the right place). And then the new site will be live and everybody can continue using it.

We expect that the transition will only take a few minutes. If something happens which we don’t expect, well, we’ll keep you informed.

The new site should be an exact copy of the current site, at first. Dan Fabulich, Paul Vaughan, and I will start out with moderator privileges. (I don’t expect to use them; I’m just on the emergency people-who-have-root list.)

The IFDB committee, which includes advisors and tech contributors, is listed at https://iftechfoundation.org/committees/ifdb/ .

I’m not sure what the timeline is on shifting from “three people have admin access” to “several people have moderation access”. Dan may have a better idea, as he’s the one who’s been digging through the code…

The current suggestion tracker, which is admittedly already overwhelming, is at https://github.com/iftechfoundation/ifdb-suggestion-tracker/issues.