IFDB Surpasses 10,000 Reviews

Fourteen and a half years after launching, IFDB has passed the milestone of 10,000 Member Reviews. Congratulations to Andrew Schultz, whose review of D’ARKUN by Michael Baltes is officially the 10,000th review published on the site. A special shoutout to MathBrush, who wrote an astonishing 2,379 of those reviews!

I have really enjoyed reading a lot of the reviews on the site. There’s something so poignantly fraught and fulfilling about reading someone’s experience with an artwork, one of the most deeply human conversations you can have. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this precious archive of decades of creativity and community.


Congratulations to IFDB, members, reviewers, Brian and Andrew. I often dig and read old reviews and refresh the page looking for news. It’s a very friendly, must read, tons of info place. I also look for info about games mentioned in Intfiction.

  • Jade

Wow :exploding_head: thanks to @mathbrush for writing 23.8% of the entire oeuvre. I guess it’s safe to say he is now the world’s most experienced IF player!


Thanks for noting this! I suppose it was a coin flip with @DeusIrae, with whom I’m posting one IFComp review a day. I’d wanted to try and write more reviews for IFDB for a while, and as I pay attention to neat little round numbers, this was a cool extra.

Mike’s quick start and hard work in the authors’ forum (along with other IFComp reviewers) helped motivate me to run the gauntlet after I dawdled for a week or so.

The next milestone (I think) is having as many reviews as games! I think a realistic goal may be by year’s end. I really encourage people to write reviews even if they feel they have nothing too explosive to say.

Sometimes one person’s mundane simple observation is another person’s “wow, that’s a good slick way to think of things!”


I can’t lie, I definitely checked the order our reviews was posting a day before the 10k click-over was going to happen, and thought it was going to be one of mine – but then archcorenth’s review of a Wizard of Oz game swept in and offset the order. It’s well deserved though since you were the impetus for the way we’ve been doing the IFDB posting!