IFDB reviewed games in 2016

I attempted to follow the IFDB top 100 system ifdb.tads.org/viewlist?id=k7rrytlz3wihmx2o to games published in 2016.

The easiest thing to do is just search for games published in 2016 with at least 10 ratings, sorted by top rating. ifdb.tads.org/search?sortby=ratu … ings%3A10-

But if you open each game to count individual ratings, you can make a spreadsheet and apply the Bayesian estimator algorithm Pegbiter uses. docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ … sp=sharing

Assuming I did it correctly, according to that estimator, the top 10 are:

superluminal vagrant twin 4.18
open sorcery 4.06
foo foo 4.04
cactus blue motel 3.83
in good company 3.80
three-card trick 3.80
color the truth 3.76
tangaroa deep 3.74
reference and representation 3.69