IFDB poll on games made with The Quill, PAW and GAC

As I am very interested in playing the best games from the era of “The Quill”, “GAC” and “PAW”, I have put up a poll on IFDB: Poll on games made with The Quill, PAW and GAC

I believe many of them are still worth playing. There are more than 1000 of these on IFDB but most do not have ratings. Since I have seen a few around here, who liked that era, I am announcing it here too.

I have added a few myself, but hope to see some titles I don’t know too and to see which gets the most votes.


Interesting starting list; several games I enjoyed on there.

Methyhel (and even the text-only Methyhel 128K) is the superior version of Nythyhel, in my opinion; although is Spectrum only.

Pretty much all of Jack Lockerby’s games are good value. He was a master of non-frills, puzzle-based text adventures. As you found with The Bounty Hunter, his early titles exist in several formats… Quilled versions for the Spectrum & C64, PAWed versions for the Spectrum only, and STACed versions for the Atari ST… There are differences in maps and gameplay, so solutions that work on one won’t work on the others.

It’s not easy to find games made with those systems on the IFDB, so if anyone is struggling then try our lists at CASA…
Quill: http://solutionarchive.com/list/system%2C3/
PAW: http://solutionarchive.com/list/system%2C10/
GAC: http://solutionarchive.com/list/system%2C2/

If it’s a Spectrum game then you can easily play it through your browser using the facility at Spectrum Computing https://spectrumcomputing.co.uk/ … just search for the game, click through, scroll down and click on the QAOP link.

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Thank you for the game proposals.

I did try Methyhel some years ago. I got stuck but intend to try it again. I also have a good impression of Jack Lockerby’s games.

You can also search for systems on IFDB, but I can see that CASA has even more Quill games entered than IFDB. On IFDB I like that you can sort by ratings etc.

I prefer playing locally with emulators (Vice and Fuse) but many prefer playing online, so it is great that you can play the old spectrum games online.