IFDB includes editorial reviews under "member" reviews

This is not the first time I have called attention to this; On IFDB, the editorial reviews are counted as member reviews. Normally this is just a small nuisance, but I have just visited the Counterfeit Monkey-page ( Counterfeit Monkey - Details (ifdb.org)).

33 member reviews. Wow! Wait, No!

19 (nineteen) Editorial reviews.

All counted as “member reviews”…?

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Sounds like a good idea to be filed in the suggestion tracker!

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This issue was filed in the suggestion tracker in April, and there was a fix intended to address the issue, but I guess it’s not working as expected. I’m not sure why.


The fix* should work but it just hasn’t been deployed to the website yet.

*The fix is just rename “member reviews” to “reviews”. That seemed more interesting to me than fixing it to only count the member reviews. But if anybody disagrees and thinks it would be better to list only the member reviews please comment, either here or on github.

Where do the “editorial reviews” come from? Can people just submit them from their own blogs etc., or is there some kind of curation? If the former is the case, there might not be a very meaningful difference between user reviews and editorial reviews.

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Editorial reviews can be submitted by anyone and include ways to excerpt and link to an off-site review as opposed to an on-site IFDB review. The “rating” can be included and I believe counts toward the IFDB rating average.

Perhaps a name change might clarify this, such as “Linked Reviews” or “Off-Site Reviews”?