IFComp voting page Q's

Three questions, mainly for Sargent.

  1. I get this error when I click on “options” at the top of the voting page:
    [SQLUtils] Error: Unable to fetch data from query: SELECT name,email FROM judge WHERE judge_id=’’ :
    Is it just something wrong with my account, or is there something in “options” that’s broken?

  2. I’ve never used this page to vote, so I’m not sure if it’s okay to save scores for games as I go. It seems to be, since I’m told at the top how many more games I can vote on. But if I save a score mistakenly, can I correct it? Is the entire page editable up to the deadline?

  3. Alphabetically, the games go side to side. I switched over to the random list early on, and started thinking that it goes down one column first, and then the other. It doesn’t matter, I’m sure, but I was curious about how the random list was actually shown – side to side like when it’s alphabetical, or down both columns? Or is that just a philosophical question, since it’s random either way? [emote]Smile[/emote]

I think #2 is answered in the comp readme:

Number 1 was an error in the code. Try it now.

Number 2 you already answered. [emote]Smile[/emote]

Number 3: the random list goes side-to-side just as the alphabetical list does.

“Options” doesn’t work for me; it gives response

Yeah, I fixed one bug and uncovered a second. It should be fixed now, honest.