IFComp Submission Deadline 9/28/2023

I completed my last update on Saturday. If I changed anything now I would worry I was just making it worse. Now holding my breath.


First post and first time submitter… phew. (wipes brow).

Good luck everyone. Can’t wait to pour through all the games.


Welcome and good luck!


I stumbled in with my entry… almost fell into the pit.



Congrats everyone!


I’m equal parts relieved and terrified! I discovered a couple of big problems with the code in the last few hours – I scrambled to fix them but I didn’t have time to make sure they’re truly gone :grimacing:
I’m really, really glad the comp allows updates for bug fixes, haha.


Last night I found a bug in literally the very last thing in the game. Luckily I managed to fix it before pencils down.


As always, I am here to BRING THE DRAMA.

Some of you know my tragic history of failing to absorb the information that the IF Comp (that I’ve entered a bunch of times) ends on the 28 September. Not 1 October. Not 30 September.


Well, I got it wrong again this year. I was so convinced it was due Friday (for some reason) and/or so confused about dates that I realised right on 2pm (the actual submission deadline in my time zone) that I DIDN’T have another 10-14 hours (living in Australia time). But none. No hours, no minutes.

I tried to compile an html file last night (while travelling) and didn’t panic when it didn’t work. My friends have terrible internet so maybe that was the issue. I also didn’t panic when it didn’t work this morning (at my home). I’m sure I managed to enter last year (yes, I did) so I probably made my partner do it when he came from work, and that’s what I’d do this year.

I’d already put the web link into the description.

So I saved everything, backed up everything, and went to the IFComp web site to see that submissions were indeed closed.

Is the web link enough? Or have I YET AGAIN failed to enter the comp due to never knowing what day it is (despite massive emotional trauma from last time I did this).

I’m somewhat less traumatised this year, as I was just doing checks today—the game is fundamentally done.

But am I entered?

I don’t know.

Have emailed to ask.

Since I didn’t actually drop dead last time, I will probably survive this time.


EDIT: YES my link was sufficient to gain entry to the wondrous secrets of the Author-only forum. And also enter the contest, which is merely a pleasant side-effect.

And I found two coding errors since then, so I guess I’ll be updating my entry sooner rather than later.


Luckily, mine is like ten hours+ (in other words, a classic Infocom game size), so even if there WAS, which there probably is in mine, nobody will see it (because of the maximum 2 hrs playing rule).


Oh, people play (and review) the long games too - they just stop at two hours to finalize the rating. There are some judges who actually prioritize the long games!

(I should say, I’m looking forward to yours!)


You could try asking if they can make the link into the file, and explain you couldn’t seem to be able to. As long as it’s not just “I need more time.”
I hope you can get in.


Take heart, you aren’t the only one who’s made some mistakes!

I submitted my entry under the wrong title because I forgot to change it from the time I submitted my intent to enter. Whoops.

I noticed the problem, of course, at 12:01.


And of course I discover an infuriating bug right after the deadline. There’s a special message that prints when you examine a portable thing, and there’s a lever that’s part of a control panel. I forgot that things in Inform are portable by default, and being part of the panel prevented it from being taken—so I never removed the “portable” property from it, meaning it’ll print a nonsensical message after examining it.

Not a game-breaker, but it looks sloppy. Sigh.


Ok that’s annoying, but it’s going to be awesome when IFCOMP_ENTRY_PLACEHOLDER1111 wins some XYZZYs!


I like your angle.


Fingers crossed for you. Testing your entry was a pleasure and I really hope others get to experience it.


After my dramatic failure to bring my game to term for Spring Thing, I finally pushed it over the finish line with just nine minutes to go. During the week before that, I was busy writing…

• On my phone at work
• At my home between meals
• In the hotel room where I was vacationing with my girlfriend, while she slept
• In a peaceful tea room in Japantown San Francisco with two delightful older ladies
• In a slightly sleazy McDonalds in the slightly sleazy town of Modesto

But it was worth it to finish. Here’s to the comp!


I forgot to put my name and the entry title on the cover art someone else worked hard to make look very nice.

Hooray for updates!


x me
You are exhausted after the deadline. You want to collapse.

x deadline
What was once your shadow is now a stone wall behind you. For good or bad, there is no going back.

climb wall
Now that the deadline has passed, you find it’s an easy climb. Your work wasn’t perfect, but you sprinkled bits of yourself into it. You realize what you accomplished is good enough to bridge the gap between where you were and the adventure you wanted.

Your exhaustion is replaced with exhilaration as you near the top of the wall …

Congratulations to those who finished!


I very nearly submitted the game with a for-testing hack around a password-guessing little puzzle. Considering how surprisingly hard it was to implement (see the thread where people much smarter than me solved the coding problem, thank goodness), it would have been a massive bummer to use the hacked version instead…