IFComp Seeking an Artist for the 2024 Logo

We are looking for art for this year’s IFComp logo! We will pay a $250 commission.

Artists should express interest by sending us a link to their work via email: ifcomp@ifcomp.org by July 15; the artist will be selected by the end of July.

More info:

  • We will request one rough draft for review / edit before the final logo is produced.
  • We must have the final art in hand by August 25th.
  • We will need three versions of the logo: one with no text, one that says ‘IFComp’, and one that says ‘IFComp 2024’.
  • The final image file will be created or scanned at 3600 x 3600 px, and the design should still be clearly legible when reduced for display at 250 x 250 px for the web.
  • If you incorporate a person (this is not required. but you do…) we ask that you make the person’s gender ambiguous.
  • We ask that you integrate the IFTF logo into the art in some way.
  • The IFComp logo should imply / be inspired by the many genres of games people make.
  • We will request an invoice from the artist that the includes the following terms:
  • The Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation has the right to use the image in whole or in part, in world-wide publishing, print, or on any merchandise for an unlimited time.
  • The artists reserves the right to use or edit the work to be used in their portfolio.
  • The artist will be paid $250 US dollars, sent by PayPal or Venmo, upon receipt of final image file. IFComp will cover currency conversion fees charged by PayPal.

It doesn’t matter if you are an artist who is also thinking about making something for this year’s competition (either cover art or a game). Your logo may not be an obvious reference to a game someone is entering this year, but we’re otherwise open to the logo being made by someone who has made other art or a game for this year’s competition.

Please feel free to share this info far and wide - and with any great artists you know! The artist does not have to be part of the interactive fiction community. :slight_smile:

Here are the last few years’ logos, just to give you an idea of what we’re looking for…


Haha - When I consolidated posts, I did not know I would have permanent replies here, (deleted by author), to shame me. :melting_face:


If it’s any consolation, they disappear after a while. They just show like that for the first few days.


Also, in case anyone needs it, here’s the IFTF logo.


I kind of wish we’d see a comic-form logo with panels. @pieartsy?


I’ve sent this posting to a creative collective I’m a part of, (hi, co-meows, if any of mew are reading this thread!) and got a handful of them interested! :3 So, emails soon…

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IFTF missed an opportunity when they didn’t make their logo:

    / \
   *   *
      / \
 *---*   *
  \ /
   *   *

I don’t get it—what is that?

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Is that the pencil and paper map from Enchanter?


I believe it’s a ASCII drawing of the constellation for the North Star? Since it sort of looks like it, and >GO N(ORTH) and cardinal directions makes me think of a compass rose and directionality in parser games.


@mathbrush got it in one. One of my favorite puzzles of all time.

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Aha, of course! I do love that one; it’s the best in Enchanter, in my opinion.

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