IFComp mystery beta testing

I’m looking for several beta testers for an IFComp mystery game called Color the Truth. It has several complicated parts that I’d need in-depth testing for, including a working recording studio, many recurring scenes with details that change, multiple PCs, and a new conversation system. So I could use someone who likes to explore every possibility.

I’m also interested in testers who could give editing-type feedback on either a transcript or the game itself (looking for typos, awkward phrases, etc.).


Thanks to everyone who replied! I really appreciate it.

I’ve done quite a bit of work since I last posted, and would like to have a couple of new people try it. I have a couple of really good testers who have been working with me on bugs, etc. but I’d like to see what people think coming in without knowing anything about the game. Send me a message if you’re interested!

Thanks again for everyone’s help. I may do another round in a month or two.