IFComp download link [Game File Size]

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For offsite hosting, the usual workaround is to make a little index.html page that has a link or redirects. You should be able to put the game in the zip file, perhaps in a subfolder, while also adding that index.html. Maybe include a readme file to tell people to play the game in the subfolder.

There’s already a ticket for being able to specify a URL for play online, because that would just be much better: https://github.com/iftechfoundation/ifcomp/issues/195

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Ah, must be a big entry! Uploading an index.html which links to itch.io or somewhere else is probably the best option right now then.

Edit: I thought you were asking about online play, not the link for downloads, sorry for not reading properly. I saw your Github issue. Unfortunately I don’t think there’s any workaround for that at the moment. Though I guess you could still do the index.html thing, and have two links, one for online play, one to a zip somewhere else?


I actually planned for this issue. My media is approximately 100 MB and I did a global bitrate reduction of all the music which got it down to about 61 MB, since the limit was upped this year to 75 MB…

You must upload, by September 28 (at 11:59 PM Eastern time), exactly one file representing your actual game in order for it to qualify for entry. The file can be in any format, and must be no larger than 250 MB in size.

Whoa, did that change recently? Good news if so. I specifically targeted my media size to be under 75 but that’s cool - I’ll have the full uncompressed music on itch. The sound quality difference is barely noticeable unless you have significant headphones. I have a smaller Comp version and a larger one.

The Author’s Handbook link on the ifcomp site says:

Warn us about unusually shaped entries

If you anticipate that your game may require extra effort on our end to manage or host – for example, if it contains tens of thousands of individual files – you should make us aware of that early, so that we can work out any potential issues together.

You can talk to the organizers about larger files, but you should start that process now.

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