IFComp authors can now preview their entries

Hi folks,

I just added a new feature to ifcomp.org that allows IFComp authors to preview how their entries will be displayed to judges. It includes working Download / Play Online / Walkthrough buttons, as appropriate. I invite forum readers who are also 2014 comp authors to give it a try.

More details on the comp blog: blog.ifcomp.org/post/96465024779 … tries-look

I’m particularly interested in hearing feedback about how well the online-play controls work. I’m attempting to introduce more flexibility with how the ifcomp.org website presents games’ online versions, allowing authors to – if they wish – upload entire self-contained websites, full of custom links and styling. (The site continues to offer default options, for authors who just want to upload e.g. a file Parchment can interpret.)

Hope it’s useful!

I feel so pampered.