IFComp 2023 Unofficial Trailer


This is so cool!


Well done!


This is very, very delightful, Ryan. Thanks for this. It might be unofficial, but we’re sharing it. : )

Hope everyone does a little something to help get the word out, help us get more eyes on the games, more feedback for the authors, even if it’s just mentioning the competition to friends, followers, family…

Thanks, everyone!


Thanks for putting this together.


Awesome! Did you make the music yourself? If not, where did you get it?

EDIT: Never mind, I see you have it in the comments on YouTube. Chatic Good? (Is that a typo?)


Very nice!


Aw, this is so sweet! Really awesome little gift to the community.


Nicely done!


Great gift to the comp!


Love it!


By the way, is this the music track where you had to bribe your neighborhood kids into performing some shouting? I don’t quite remember the story, but you did have a story like that, right? :smile:




I did have a story! It went like this!


We had just started on the graphical version of Mud Warriors, and I was composing the music. I wanted the final boss theme to feature kids chanting “MUD! MUD! MUD! MUD!” in a real Lord of the Flies manner. The neighborhood had a bunch of kids in it, but I didn’t have any influence over most of them.

But I was good friends with this family with four kids. I had made some felt dolls for them. And they liked to demand things of me. It happened that the second-oldest kid asked me to make him a doll of a sea lion in a basketball jersey, a character from this fantasy NBA he had concocted.

I said “I’ll absolutely make you that doll, if you can get all the kids on the street to come together for a few minutes and consent to be recorded chanting ‘MUD! MUD! MUD! MUD!’ in a real Lord of the Flies manner,” or words to that effect, and he said that worked for him, so I drew up a contract for us both to sign.

The thing is, this second-oldest kid was not the type to round up groups of fellow kids and make them do stuff. He had an older sister who was very confident and outgoing and bossy, and she didn’t leave much room for her younger brothers to develop those qualities. So it wasn’t very likely that he’d fulfill his side of the contract—which I had drafted to make it clear that I didn’t have to make any sea lion doll until after I got my recording.

A couple weeks passed, and Lance and Ben decided that the Mud Warriors game would be produced in GBStudio, which meant I needed to rearrange all my compositions for square and triangle waves—I wouldn’t be able to use that recording even if I got it! Oh well!

A couple months passed, and one day the second-oldest brother came calling to ask if our deal was still in effect. Of course it was; we both had copies of that contract, and there was no expiration date on it. And in a few minutes he had rounded up six or eight of the neighborhood kids! Somehow he had convinced his older sister to do this rounding-up for him. I really wish I knew exactly what he said to her to make it happen. I feel like there was a skill being utilized there that I, never having been a second-oldest brother, never got a chance to develop.

I wasn’t able to direct the kids to give me exactly the kind of chanting I had imagined, so in the final track (“Ooze the Boss”) they’re processed and layered over each other to some extent. To make them sound more deranged, I guess. It works great, though!

The second-oldest brother ended up tipping his hand too early: He asked me about the doll in earshot of his sister, and she said “Hey, I was the one who got the kids together! I should get a doll!” But she didn’t have a contract.

The doll turned out pretty nice, considering I’d never sewn a sea lion before, in or out of a basketball jersey.


Big Tom Sawyer vibes there.


Nice video and nice story behind it. :slight_smile:
EDIT: Oh and nice doll.