IFComp 2022 Web-based entries

Let’s say i have a web entry that only works if hosted, ie it’s not just an HTML file. I need to have a file for submission, and i understand this can be a HTML cover page that links to the actual game.

Do these cover pages need to be in any specific format? Do people download this page or is it displayed on the IFcomp page, and if so, how? embedded, opening as a new window etc. Can this page have pictures? and if so, would they also be links to wherever the game lives.

Can anyone explain, many thanks.

I believe there’ll just be a link off the entry’s little box on the IF Comp site, which I think usually opens in a new tab or window by default? The box will display your cover image, and your blurb. And people will download the file – there’s a big ZIP with all the games that the organizers put together at the beginning of the Comp, and many people download this and work their way through the games (which can pose an issue for authors who update their games during the Comp, but since you’ll be hosting your game, that shouldn’t matter for you).

If you want to confirm this info or have specific needs, though, the best thing to do is to just email the organizers; they’re super responsive, but usually don’t check this board that closely when it’s not Comp time.

If you’re uploading HTML then it can be and do anything. There are no requirements. It is linked to directly from the ballot page.

Thanks for your replies. Here’s what it says;

Game file (required)

You must upload, by September 28 (at 11:59 PM Eastern time), exactly one file representing your actual game in order for it to qualify for entry. The file can be in any format, and must be no larger than 500 MB in size.

If your game exists in an online-only platform, such as StoryNexus or ChooseYourStory, and you don’t actually possess a file containing the game, then you must at the very least create and upload here an HTML file that links to that game. This file can contain any style or content you like, so long as it clearly links to the game.

So, if i understand what you’re saying. The comp website will just use the link to the game, whilst the supplied HTML would be for downloaders, so they actually have something which gives them the link.

I think the link will actually go to the .html page you provide, but that could just be a redirect to your site so the effect would be the same? You should be able to preview how your entry will look on the IFComp site before it goes live to check, though, and again the organizers are super responsive if anything isn’t clear.


Ok, the preview should sort it. thanks for your help.