IFComp 2022 participants?

Sitting IFComp out, but pondering entering something for the little four hour category in EctoComp… or maybe sidling on up with something slightly larger?

I’ve very recently had some fairly major health concerns that had me dropping out of a Halloween visual novel jam (a week long course of some fairly intense antibiotics and I’m more or less better, if exhausted- but tired is better than a monthish of internal hemorrhaging and the risk of sepsis!) and of course, fourth year university is busy- but I have a handful of supernatural characters and write zombie apocalypses fairly regularly into roleplay shenanigans with friends, so it could be fun adapting something. And, as ever, I do love the Gothic.

Very excited to see what comes out of both jams either way!


My game will hopefully appear at Spring Thing.

I want to take my time with testing, for one thing. I also see myself as more of a Spring Thing writer. I probably would have waited even if testing were complete. Wishing everyone the best of luck in the venue of their choice! The more games, the merrier.


I don’t think I can cut it even with another month… I burned the midnight (and early AM) oil for a long time trying to make the IFComp deadline, and now that it’s a lost cause I need to show my body (and other life priorities) some kindness…


I see your priorities are skewed. Putting your health and happiness above shipping a game? Madness.


After four IFcomps in a row, this time I’m not in. My last two years were examples of rushing stuff that had some interest but not a lot. My game this year was perhaps 60% done at the end of August, but I have faith in it and I think it deserves better. So I’m taking my time with this one. And I’ll try to play a bit more of the comp!


My coauthor and I already decided to sit this year out (which is good, because various life things happened in August that meant we wouldn’t have been done on time anyway). The goal is to enter something bigger in '23, although we also plan to enter Spring Thing… and we have an idea for the Grand Guignol that isn’t started yet… so uh, we’ll see what happens!


I am just about on track to enter IFComp 2023, if all goes to plan. Fingers crossed!


For a second, I thought y’all were talking about ParserComp and I was freaking out because I thought I still had a lot of time.


It’s cool to read who has plans for '23 (or Spring Thing '23) even if you can’t quite make '22 – and it’s especially good to see @kamineko take a first shot at things after all he’s written!

The only downside is seeing everyone’s plans here has me a bit distracted from what I need to do for the next few days!


Unless some unlikely miracle happens in the next few days I won’t be IFComping either… which makes it the third year in a row I intended to enter but got burnt out making games earlier in the year! Maybe 2023… maybe.

I’ll definitely be doing something for EctoComp though. Last year was a lot of fun.


Story of my life.

Right there with you.


The 4-hour one? I loved yours from last year. There’s no way I’m ever going to try and make a game in 4 hours again, though. Glad I had the experience, but once was enough.


I was gonna enter, but it turns out I went over my entry and felt it was pretty mediocre and it’s like, look, I’ve got to have some standards for myself, right?

Good luck to all of y’all who are putting something in though!


I’m sad I’ll miss out on the camaraderie of the author’s forum this year. But I’m glad to see I’m in good company in the “ran out of time” club.


Stick a severed head in it and put it in Ectocomp! No game with a severed head can be mediocre if the head is gory enough.

Same to you! More severed heads! Then we can all have author camaraderie for Ectocomp.


You can make a more leisurely game and submit Grand Guignol. That’s what happened with Psychomanteum - It was a petit mort that monkey-wrenched so I fixed it later and submitted it for GG the next year. It took one more year than four hours!

I like that Ectocomp is motivational in soliciting quick games as well as bumpy-road conglomerate monsters as well.


Participating this year for the first time. Still polishing a few rough edges. Had some great playtesters a while ago, but life got in the way and everything is coming down to the very end. I am feeling good about my chances for winning shortest title.


I hear you – I was super anxious before I put out an open call for testers for my first game on this board – but I have to say, my experience was completely lovely, as Dorian (who we 100% have not bribed) can hopefully attest. And after you do that scary I-don’t-know-anybody thing once, you’ll probably wind up with at least a few folks whose sensibilities mesh with your own and then it’s easier – and actually kind of fun – to reconnect with them for the next game.

Oh, looking forward to this – I enjoyed The Cave quite a lot!

Oh, lordy, I am not in the same galactic quadrant as “close but needs another month” – I have one mid-size game I’ve completed the research and maybe 15% of the design spec for, one large game where I’ve got the basic concepts nailed down plus some structural pieces, and one small one where I’ve got like half of the puzzles and the narrative voice figured out, but it’s about the least EctoComp friendly concept in the world. Oh, and one mega-giant-sized game idea that’s a glimmer in my eye after I get the other three done. But there’s not a single line of code written for any of them yet!

But if you wind up looking for testers for the Elizabethan thing you’ve teased in other threads, I think I’d be super into that.

That would be great – sorry you had health issues and glad you’re through them, but I have to say, given the sensibility you showed off in Sweetpea I’d be excited to see what you make of EctoComp!

Travis, you and I are very different people (also given your other work I’m pretty sure you’re being overly harsh, but look forward to seeing what you eventually make of the WIP).

…I didn’t quote everyone, but sounds like there’s a bunch of cool stuff in the hopper for '23, which I’m excited by, especially since I’ll hopefully be entering again too.


I didn’t want to jinx myself and speak up until I’d actually pushed up a game file to ifcomp.org…but I just did that, about ten minutes ago. I’m throwing my hat into the ring—

Here’s to a great comp!


I haven’t actually decided whether to do Petite Mort or Grand Guignol! I’ll plan something out and see what it wants to be.

Best of luck to all of you entering IFComp - I’m really excited to play the games! And as Mike said it sounds like 2023 will be a great year in general. Lots to look forward to.