IFComp 2022 Now Accepting Intents & Entries

Hello, everyone, and happy July 1! That date means a new Interactive Fiction Competition season has arrived. Now through September 1 at 11:59pm Eastern, our website is open for authors to declare their intent to enter this year’s competition: https://ifcomp.org

Final entries are due September 28th at 11:59 PM Eastern.

For 2022, we have decided to keep the rule change that was explored in 2021 with respect to Judge Rule 4. Judge Rule 4 previously stated that authors could not judge the entries. For 2022 and going forward, authors may additionally participate as judges, but cannot rate their own entries. Thank you to those of you who provided feedback to help us evaluate this rule change.

In addition to games, we’re also accepting prizes! If you’d like to donate a prize for this year’s competition, you can email us at prizes@ifcomp.org - no prize is too humble or too grand. If you’d like to support author prizes but would prefer to donate money, our Colossal Fundraiser begins in August and we’ll announce that here when the time comes.

Please note that all official email you receive will come from ifcomp@ifcomp.org and that email from any other address is unofficial and should be considered suspect.

Thanks to all, best of luck to everyone, and if you have questions, hit us up at ifcomp@ifcomp.org


All competition deadlines specifically mean 11:59 PM, Eastern time, on the given dates.

  • July 1: The competition website is open for authors to declare their intent to enter this year’s competition.
  • September 1: The last date that authors can register their intent to enter.
  • September 28: The last date that authors can upload their games to the competition site. Everyone starts counting down the hours, eager to explore all the new IFfy goodness.
  • October 1: The games are released to the public, and the judging period begins.
  • November 15: All votes must be submitted by the end of the day. The competition results are announced shortly afterwards. Prize choosing and distribution begins.