IFComp 2022 Author Forum is Open

The official IFComp 2022 Author Forum is open! Jacq has already added and invited some entrants whose forum handles were available, but if you are an author you can manually request access to the group from the link or from the “Groups” section in the hamburger menu on the upper right.

Please allow her a bit of time to verify and add you after requesting.

If you have any issues, or make a request and do not hear back, you can PM @Jacqueline in the first week or so, and/or @HanonO after that as Jacq becomes busy and isn’t able to monitor forum requests as closely as she does in the first week or so of the Comp.


I am not an author this year, so I (and all @moderators and Staff) can see the Author forum, but I usually try to keep my nose out of the discussion unless there’s an administrative or moderation issue. Feel free to @HanonO or @moderators if you need any assistance, or use the normal forum procedures to flag any severe issues that you see and we’ll take care of them.