IFComp 2021

I have tried these filters and the database is not working properly. There are more games in some filter options than those that are displayed. This comment is a WARNING so that people don’t lose some game when sorting games. Please check the entire list.

Thanks, @Jade. We got a couple of reports of that, and are looking into it. Appreciate this report as well. If you are open to it, drop us some examples in an email: ifcomp@ifcomp.org - thanks!

Hi, everyone (including @Jade)! We pushed some updated code for the filter. If there are still issues with it not filtering properly, please email ifcomp@ifcomp.org to let us know. Thank you.

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I have been outdoors yesterday.
I found that Darkun wasen’t in “more than 2hours” category. Overmore, there was some gluxe games not found at inform category. I will see today.

I love this! It’s so much easier to search for games that I have an interpreter for, lots of time saved!


@Jade - Thanks. We’re looking into this more! I’ll let you all know when we do another code push.

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@FriendOfFred We reposted the zip this morning, and decided to do the guidebook after all. Next year we’ll probably move that ‘how to play parser games’ file from the ‘extras’ folder into the ‘guidebook’ folder, but it’s all there now, and that’s what will go in the IF Archive. Appreciate you pointing this out. Thanks!


And… We have pushed another fix, this time for the ‘longer than two hours’ filter and for the filters not choosing the correct platforms. Again, the filters are a new feature, there are probably still bugs, and we appreciate the continued reports. Please let us know if you experience more issues. Thanks!


Yes I saw several games labeled “more than hours” that weren’t filtered in the search. I imagine that thr filter works over a database and this was wrong.

I thought you were working in that. The diference between our clocks are almost ten hours.

Hi, Jade.

There are a lot of time zones at play, yes…

At any rate, I did just check the ‘longer than 2 hours’ and there are five games with that tag, and all five come up when you click on ‘longer than 2 hours’ in the filter now. So I think that one is good to go.

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I have readed that you have uploaded a new zip compiling the games again. Could you explicit the date of any reupload in ifcomp page?

  • Jade

Hi, Jade.

The zip was updated on our site about 3pm Eastern on Sunday.

However, the only update to the zip is the guidebook. The games in that updated zip file still reflect the games as they were uploaded before the competition launched on Oct 1, and do not include any changes made by authors between Friday and yesterday.

We capture two snapshots of the competition for the IF Archive, one as the games were at the launch of the comp, and one on the day that the competition closed. We will do a second zip file for the IF Archive on November 15th.


PS - I am on the forum more than usual right now because of the competition, but if anyone has any questions for me, I do encourage you to email ifcomp@ifcomp.org because I may not otherwise see your question. Thanks!


Wow, this forum just exploded with activity over the last few days. I haven’t been around here for the last one, and I’m sure it happens every year, but it’s definitely livelier than I’ve seen it before.

's nice.


IF Comp pretty much sucks the air out of everything else. It’s a big deal.