IFComp 2021 Now Accepting Intents & Entries

Hey, hey! It’s July 1, and that means a new Interactive Fiction Competition season has arrived. Now through September 1 at midnight Eastern, the competition website is open for authors to declare their intent to enter this year’s competition. Entries are due September 28th.

Returning authors will notice some updates to the registration form, such as the ability to define the system used to develop web-based games. Additionally, there is now a more formal way of designating co-authors, which will allow them to participate in the Miss Congeniality side contest (a special authors-only voting pool to rate the work of other authors in the competition).

We’re also going to try a big experiment this year! Many members of our community have expressed concern about the increasingly smaller author-to-judge ratio, as more and more of you have been entering as authors these past few years. In 2021, we will allow authors to also be judges. Yep, you read right: everyone can vote on (almost) all the games. Authors won’t be able to cast a vote for their own games, but they’ll be able to vote on everything else, and the Miss Congeniality side contest will be unchanged. This rule will be reviewed after the 2021 competition, with feedback sought from the community, prior to permanent adoption.

So, if you’ve been itchin’ to enter, visit https://ifcomp.org/ to register.


Exciting times! I know it’s very early but good luck to all involved!

Adam :v::smiley::+1: