IFComp 2021 - Games by Development System

For anyone interested, I’ve added the 2021 entries to my Excel spreadsheet from last year listing all IFComp games by development system back to 1995.
It also includes the place in the relevant comp and where available (i.e.: for 1999 onwards), average score, number of votes received, standard deviation, and Miss Congeniality outcomes through to 2020.

The number of games by development system for this year is:

Twine 28
Glulx/Inform 12
Ink 6
Z-Code/Inform 3
ChoiceScript 3
Adventuron 2
Unity 2
Custom web 2
Z-Code/Dialog 1
Quest 1
QuestJS 1
C 1
Custom MSDOS 1
FB Messenger 1
Hyperfable 1
Java 1
Perplexity 1
Python 1
Squiffy 1
TIC-80 1



Wow, that’s a lotta twine!

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Yes. Lots of Twine. :grinning:


This is really cool, thanks for putting it together!

e: I graphed it as a stacked column chart and wow you can really see when Twine came out. It’s very distinct.


How did you compile the list? I ask because I see you list two Quest games, but on the IFComp site is lists zero Quest games. Now, that said, my game is Quest, but being Quest 6 I had to list it as a “Website” game (I did ask that Quest 6 get listed as a game engine).

What I am really wondering if is there another Quest 6 game?

My game is written in Dialog. But I had to choose “z-code with online play” (although it’s not per se wrong, to be able to auto-call my index.html on top of the directory and get the “online-play” button.

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Where the game engine wasn’t listed on the IFComp site I looked to the in-game “About” text or equivalent, or in some cases the game code itself for clues on the dev system.

The other Quest game is “I Contain Multitudes”, which I presume was made with Quest 5. It’s listed on the IFComp site as a Quest game. For the purposes of the spreadsheet perhaps the newer dev system for your game should be Quest 6 or QuestJS?

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Ah, thanks for the correction, and sorry about that.

I’ll correct it to Z-Code/Dialog. I thought I’d checked the libraries used for the Z-Code games, but obviously not.



That would be great if you could list it as QuestJS. Part of my motivation to enter is to promote the new version of Quest.

'Tis done.

What surprises me here is the sheer range of development systems in use. 21 systems between 71 games, or 20 systems between 43 games if you exclude Twine. I think it says something about how many viable options are out there nowadays.


I like there are several gluxe/inform games